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My name is Rachel. I am based in north central Washington living near the beautiful cascade mountains, but traveling often. I began my career 3 years ago at 18 when I backpacked New Zealand with a camera hanging over my shoulder. I traveled solo-so my camera quickly became my safe place, a voice to inspire me & a tool to create. Since then, I have shot dozens of weddings, a large amount of diverse portrait sessions and landscapes in 12 different countries & counting. My passion for photography is driven by sacrificial love, human connection and my outdoor surroundings. Paired with photography, I also offer that creativity through video, production management, creative directing & teaching/mentoring. I use these other valuable skills and tools to help people bring their dreams, visions, crafts, businesses, and ideas to life. But above every role, title and job description I have attempted to give myself; the one I value the most is an artist. I love to create, capture, document and design and would love to provide you with not only a service, but also a trusting relationship that demonstrates that. Finally, I find deep comfort & joy in writing. Writing has been a way for me to cope with all parts of life & the world. On here, you will find how I collide these worlds into visual & written stories i believe are worth telling. I would love nothing more then if you played a part in the stories to come because everyone has a story worth telling.

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Traveling is a big part of my life and has shaped me into who I am today. My 2019 travel schedule is listed above and below are a few recent places I’ve gotten to shoot at. If I am going to be traveling to a place near you please email me so we can set something fun up! If you don’t see your city on my list, email me so it can be added. I love traveling and keep the travel fees to a minimum in hopes that I can reach as many people as possible.